Harry Potter: The Movie Audiobook

An immersive wizarding world experience powered by AI

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What is it?

An Audiobook of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Featuring
the Original Voices From the 2001 Movie

Harry Potter

Featuring the voice of 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe

Ron Weasley

Audio by 12-year-old Rupert Grint

Hermione Granger

Played by 10-year-old Emma Watson

Albus Dumbledore

Voiced by Richard Harris (the original Dumbledore)

Plus Many More

All your favorite Hogwarts characters are back in a revolutionary new format

How Does It Work?

Most of the dialog from the book isn't spoken in the movie. That's where machine learning comes in.

  • 01 AI-Based Voice Synthesis

    Using state of the art machine learning technology, we're able to to replicate the voices from the original movie in order to produce the spoken dialog for the audiobook. It's almost like magic.

  • We're using modern audio editing technology to blend together real voice recordings with synthesized audio. This allows us to create a realistic and captivating experience that Harry Potter fans are sure to love.

  • In order to use this technology in a responsible manner, we will obtain any necessary licensing before the final product is released to consumers.